What's In The Coop?

Something old ~ Retro, Vintage or Antique just because it’s old doesn’t mean that you should discard the memories of days gone by.  Refurbish, Re-purpose, Re-establish
Something new ~ The secret recipe of our lifestyle marketplace … Mix the old up with the new and create your own personal statement defining your personal lifestyle.
Something borrowed ~ Estate services come in all shapes and sizes.  The passing of time means that sometimes we have to liquidate or downsize the treasures of our own or a family member.
Something blue ~ Blue?  Who says that it has to be blue!  Let’s play with paint ~ on the wall, on the floor, on the furniture.  If it sits still long enough the paint cans and brushes will come out to add a touch of flair and personal style to just about anything.

and a silver sixpence in her shoe ~ Cause that’s just kinda fun!

This ditty is often recited as the four “somethings”, not including the sixpence. The rhyme appears to originate in England, an 1898 compilation of English folklore reciting that if a bride adorns herself with these specific items that it will bring good luck. We decided that it was a good practice to add a dose of good luck to everyday.


Éllodie Clothing Company @ CCT, Inc.

Éllodie Clothing Company, established in 2013 right here in the Kalamazoo market by the lovely Amie Byholt, is our boutique within CCT, Inc.  The concept is for our boutique adornment offerings for women to be unique and special … always having underlying tones of class. Be sure to put Éllodie (pronounced melody without the mmmmm) on your shopping destination list.

Interior Design

Our goal … to bring you the options in Interior Design that you’ve seen in magazines, on Facebook and on Pinterest boards from around the world.  Why order it online when you can see it in person at CCT, Inc.