Something New
Something New

Finding new treasures isn’t complicated in the least.  If you like it make it yours; that really all a treasure is.

Treasure (from Greek θησαυρός – thēsauros, meaning “treasure store”,[2] romanized as thesaurus) is a concentration of riches, often those that originate from ancient history, considered lost and/or forgotten until being rediscovered.  Heck, a wonderful relationship is a treasure!  Old or new!  And we can wait to welcome you to 7922 South 8th Street here in the heart of Texas Corners.

A favorite color or texture might make a new piece of home furnishings a treasure.  Does it remind you of something from your grandparent’s house?  They would love that you held that memory tight to your heart as a treasure in something new.  We think that you’ll find our new product lines unique, elegant, useful and just a wee bit nostalgic too.

Thompson’s Gallery

Ron Tompson is a master at his craft.  Both and artist and a dedicated framer, the two go hand in hand.  We know you’ll agree that his creations are one of a kind and will wow the spaces in your home and office with his vision of utilizing new materials with relics form the past.  Ron is just a treasure to know and we are fortunate to have stumbled across his threshold one crazy afternoon when we were looking for a cup of coffee in Elkhart, Indiana.