Interior Design
Interior Design

Being in love with your surrounds brings a person great joy.  Sometime you know what you like and sometimes it’s nice to have a little help.  Interior design is all about putting all the senses into a space and then delighting in the combination.  How does it look?  How does it feel?  How does it sound?  How does it smell?  And yes, what does it taste like? The brain is a powerful engine and we can transmit the 5 senses into a relay system in our hearts.  Mix it all together and you achieve beauty, peace and a calmness that is very refreshing and safe.

We have members in our collaborative that have spent years designing interior spaces … both personally and professionally.  Don’t struggle to capture the senses you’re looking to fill in your homes or offices just ask how we can help you.  That’s the great part about us all working together to bring you our marketplace.  Not sure how to incorporate that cool barn door into your architecture?  We’ve got professionals up our sleeves that are just waiting for referrals to bring amazing designer looks to life right behind your front door.  A little overwhelmed by feature painted walls?  We can give you pointers or hook you up with some amazing artists that you can commission to come in and take over the guess work.

Make your eggstraordinary lifestyle goals pop right out of those amazing magazine photo shoots and bring a warm smile to your heart when you step back and take a look around you.  That’s what you call a treasure.


Mia Colore

Limepaint ~ Calce Vernice 

With the 100% mineral, ecological Mia Colore lime paint – Calce Vernice –  you create a warm and inviting atmosphere of old world charm. Even today, this incomparable paint enthralls both young and old. This environmentally-friendly paint, prepared by Mia Colore with traditional techniques, can be recognized by the exquisite color variations and its nuanced and powdery look. The authentic ambiance this paint gives to your walls becomes gradually more beautiful over time.

  • Available in 67 colors
  • Nuanced and powdery look
  • Ecological
  • Environmental friendly
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Excellent coverage
  • Rustique appearance
  • Also suitable for furniture to give a distressed authentic look

Chalk based Paint ~ Gesso Vernice

The environmentally-friendly mineral Mia Colore Chalk based paint – Gesso Vernice -, with its matte, velvety look, gives your home a unique character. The addition of natural pigments creates a deep, intense color, available in no less than 67 Mia Colore shades.

  • Mineral
  • Ultra matte
  • Velvet, powdery appearance
  • Excellent coverage
  • Made with 100% natural pigments
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly


Pure & Original

Fresco Lime Paint

Fresco, lime paint, a type of paint that has existed for thousands of year, is being made in it’s traditional forulation by Pure & Original, in more than 100 beautiful colors. The finish is unique and versatile. The Fresco Lime Paint is a 100% natural mineral paint, composed of quick lime (the binding agent) and natural pigments.  A 100% ecologically durable nature paint.

Fresco Lime Paint, has an authentic look, and can be applied everywhere, provided that the foundation is mineral and if it’s not, you can prep the surface with a layer of Pure & Original Wallprim as a primer.

Classico Chalk based Paint

Classico is classic~  A lightly washable when cured, environmentally friendly, professional water-based chalk paint, with 100% natural pigments.  This chalk based paint has a beautiful matte velvet powdery look and feel. Through the use of natural pigments, highly concentrated, this old world chalk based paint has a very deep, intense and rich color. The chalk based paint is available in all Pure & Original colors.  Classico chalk based paint can be applied directly to most surfaces, without a primer.  Classico offers a sturdy, lightly washable surface after cured with no need of additional finish coatings; this is achieved with an acrylic additive that does not change the properties of the paint that brings this old world look to modern day functionality.  Don’t stop at your furniture pieces, this paint is exceptional for walls, wood work and other home decor items.

Marrakech … brilliant! A new revolutionary paint offering a very simple and easy to apply 100% Mineral paint formulated to create a rich and exclusive appearance.  This unique Moroccan style tadelakt look will bring an elegance to your interior design projects that will render your space enchanting.  Washable after using Dead Flat Eco Sealer as a finish.  Available in all 111 colors of Fresco Lime Paint.

Artisan Enhancements

Our products were developed for both beginners and experts. Have fun! Experiment. There are no limits to what you can create!

Our mission and passion at Artisan Enhancements® is to provide specialty decorative paint retailers an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly source for decorative coatings. We offer a variety of products and tools to “enhance” and elevate any paint project to the next level.

Artisan Enhancements® is the creator of earth (and human) friendly, easy-to-use, innovative decorative paint mediums and sealers. Artisan Enhancements® works closely with our product development and manufacturing teams to create revolutionary sealers and paint mediums. We promote and encourage an environmentally conscious approach to the world of decorative painting and faux finishing.


We are proud to say our products meet the following criteria:


Environmentally Sustainable



Low Odor/No VOC


All of our products have been formulated to be easily combined or layered with various types of water-based chalk or mineral-natural paints. Our products and tools are designed to be versatile and user friendly, making them the perfect answer for everyone, from novices to professional painters. In fact, faux finishers and professional painters repeatedly purchase and use our products, even though they were developed with the DIY-er in mind.

In addition to our 10 eco-friendly decorative finishes, we currently offer a large variety of other products including stencils, tools, and foils. We continually develop new products to meet the growing demand for environmentally conscious materials.

Our products are made in North America and Sweden. We package and ship everything by hand in Dallas, Texas. Our products are sold at authorized Artisan Enhancements® retailers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Belle Craie

Belle Craie Furniture Paint is made with chalk and has been designed for simplicity with exceptional durability and coverage

With superior adhesion – no sanding, no priming – Belle Craie products adhere to a variety of surfaces including previously painted surfaces, cabinets, walls, doors, floors, wood, metal, glass, concrete, and plastic. Choose from 34 elegant colors in the Belle Craie Signature World Collection.

Create your own “style” with our full line of Belle Craie products: Surface Prep, Glazes, Waxes, Velvet Varnish, and refinishing tools


We, at Mudpaint, have sought to create an overall better furniture paint than any other furniture paint on the market.  After painting 100s of furniture pieces with many of the popular furniture paints on the market, we felt there was still something to be desired in what was available.

We wanted a furniture paint that went on so evenly that less paint would be needed. We wanted better paint coverage. We wanted better durability. We wanted a beautiful, matte finish that would be perfect for antiquing and distressing. We wanted a paint with easy clean up and good compatibility with other paint products.

We worked, tested and reworked our paint formula for over a year until we finally achieved our desired results.  In June of 2014 Mudpaint was born!

See why Mudpaint is the fast growing furniture paint company on the market today and is rising in popularity among DIYers and furniture painters! See why we receive a continuous stream of feedback from furniture painters who are thrilled with the results!