~ we are a group working as one ~

Robin Burpee

Chicken Coop Treasures, Inc. has been a long time coming.  Many years of different jobs and opportunities has brought me to something that was created out of the necessity to have an income and a desire to have fun.  I keep saying over and over … the day that CCT, Inc. isn’t fun anymore is the day that I will come up with plan B.

Many years of retail experience, merged with a desire to surround myself with beautiful objects that tell the story of the small places of my heart, has brought me to Texas Corners in Kalamazoo County with a commitment to create an atmosphere that is unique and drips of exclusivity; yet has roots in where I’ve come from.  My mom and dad always taught me that if I wanted something bad enough I could either buy it, make it or figure out how to make it.  What I want most in my life right now is positive fun relationships with both my collaborative here at 7922 South 8th Street and the community in which this brick and mortar will call home.

Looking in the chicken coop has always been a great place for me to find treasures.  My wish is that you find some treasures as well!  Keeping in mind that the relationships that we build from the craziest of places is and should be our most cherished treasures of all.