People keep askin’, “Why Chicken Coop Treasures?”

Well … there are actually a lot of reasons. Once upon a time we had an old shed at our home in Mendon. The shed had been used as a chicken coop and was just full of “stuff.” Now, some folks would call this stuff junk. I remembered the retired chicken coops that I’d seen along my path of life and there was rarely an occasion when the abandoned coops weren’t just filled with … wait for it … TREASURES!

Seems at one time or another we always had chickens growing up. And so did Grandpa & Grandma Ford. Chickens are funny critters. And they seem to lay the most eggs when they are happy. So when my kids said they wanted chicks I couldn’t really think of a good reason not to get them other than the shed, which was the chicken coop, just didn’t seem like a very happy place to me.

The transformation was fairly simply once I had a vision. What you see here are a collection of images that reflect the very last project that my parents did with myself and their grandsons before illness set in on their aging bodies and transformations weren’t possible any longer.

Dad and Mom .. Chicken Coop Treasures, Inc. is for you. I couldn’t have done this without the lessons of a lifetime. First and foremost …

Love is: Being do it yourselfers together.

Second and certainly not least:  Happiness is only found when you fill your day with joy. It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle.

So the simple answer is, Chicken Coop Treasures is about a lifetime of transformations.  The more complicated version is below.  We look forward to seeing you soon in Texas Corners!

It’s, “Chicken Coop Treasures, Inc. … an Eggstraordinary Lifestyle Marketplace!”



To the curious …


So the plan for Chicken Coop Treasures, Inc. started with a love of beautiful things.  Whether man made or things found in nature, I just love beautiful things; I’ve surrounded myself with beauty most of my adult life.  But, I also love beautiful attitudes and souls too.  I have found as I’ve gotten older that beautiful things are everywhere but beautiful attitudes and souls seem to be more difficult to find.  That being said, birds of a feather do flock together and when I started to think about all the people that had crossed my path in 50 plus years, I knew that I should be able to come up with a group that was extraordinary to help me with Chicken Coop Treasures.

As an art student, I can appreciate beauty in every aspect of living.  My parents started my education in the realm of antiques at a young age.  Family heirlooms were indeed to be treasured, but they were also to be used and appreciated; the stories of these treasures should be offered to all that would care to listen.  Whether a necklace that belonged to my great grandmother or a tool that came from my grandfather’s shed … treasures could be found to appreciate in an endless gamut of articles from the past.  Some of the antiques in our home growing up had simple stories and some much more eloquent.  To this day one of my favorite possessions is an antique fish scaler that I inherited from my great Uncle Mac’s collection of what-nots.  Small in monetary value, but very grand in memories of a man that I adored; we spent many days cleaning fish together at his home on Pine Lake. And I’ve found no fish scaler to compare when it actually comes down to working to remove scales from pan fish. Some things just were never meant to be thrown away.  If I didn’t know the story behind the fish scaler though I wouldn’t have known what it was for and I probably would have just tossed it away not knowing it’s true value of purpose and heart.

My mother and father always offered their children the option of decorating their own spaces in the family home.  I loved every aspect of interior design and quickly grew confident in my own personal style and taste as they became visible settings in my own living spaces.  From my first rooms, in shared apartments, to actually planning and building my last home, interior design and landscaping brings me continued joy.

CCT, Inc. is no different than my home.  In fact, I practically live here now as we are putting the finishing touches on the store front.  What you’ll find inside are beautiful things.  Some old, some new, some borrowed and some are even blue! The rhyme actually ends with, “and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”  Although a good luck ditty for brides from days gone by, old and new together is a beautiful combination.  Top it all off with a stylish jacket and a glass of good wine out of a beautiful vintage crystal wine glass and how can your lifestyle be anything but wonderful?  I rarely do paper plates and plastic cups.  Drink tea from fine china!  That’s what I say.

Texas Corners has always been one of my favorite small communities in Southwest Michigan. People have asked what we will sell?  What will we offer?  I hope to have an elegant variety of items in our marketplace … from home decor and home furnishings, to fine art, to fabulous boutique items.  Women’s and men’s fashion too!  Let’s not forget some really kick cool interior design products and services as well.  If you’re not into painting your own unique accent walls in your home let us help you with that.

As Chicken Coop Treasures, Inc. evolves know that we are about community.  Having fun and knowing you personally is our goal.  We’re not just a place to shop, but a place where you are welcome to build relationships with us.  Because we want to know you on a level that goes far beyond customer.

Look for the open sign!  It will be on and the doors unlocked soon.

Enjoy each day and remember to always fill it with treasures ~

Robin Burpee